My Remix Project

As I have hit upon in previous posts, I believe that a well-constructed public service announcement is one of the most effective ways to communicate an important issue to a large general audience. It is through the use of the PSA format that I will develop my argument and create an informative remix. There are various media that I plan to use in the assembly of this PSA, including government data, relevant video and suggestive audio that will all tie together to create a single effect.

I will be utilizing public records and government data to stress my point that increased military spending has directly correlated with the increased national debt. My use of graphs and charts, all pulled from credible sources, will reflect the central theme of my argument. Different organizations and political entities have used information similar to this in order to convey an argument backed up by solid evidence. In the same way, I will be using factual data in order to present a solid argument in relation to government spending.

In addition to the use of charts and data, I will be using various military-themed Youtube videos to display behind and around the charts I plan to emphasize. I believe that the use of relevant videos will add to the emotional impact that the project will present.  Through the insertion of combat-oriented video and images that suggest the size of our military forces, I believe that I will be able to successfully argue that our military is strong enough and not in desperate need of increased spending. This video emphasis has been used by organizations in the past to gather public support in favor of their suggested ideas. This video playback is currently used in news organizations to stress their arguments.

While data and video are both key methods in conveying a particular point, I believe that the underlying emotional impact lies within the background music. In order to achieve this emotional impact, I will incorporate emotionally driven audio that will attempt to solidify the message I am presenting. I will be using military-relevant music, such as Never Cry Again by Dash Berlin and mix it with other audio, such as a military snare drum. I believe this combination of audio will emphasize the central military theme of the project. In various socio-political videos and slideshows one can see the use of emotionally charged music in almost every instance. The authors use this music to accent their work and draw upon the emotions of their audience.

Within these sources, there are multiple rhetorical proofs at work. Logos is employed within the charts and tables that display relevant government data. By presenting factual information, I will be able to build on the logic of the argument. The videos (as well as the data) display a sense of credibility by using real visuals to underline my central theme. Using actual footage and factual data, I will be able to draw upon ethos in my argument. The music of the piece contributes to the pathos, or emotional influence. This is because the ‘sad’ lyrics are meant to impact the audience in a way the videos and data may not.

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