Apocalypse Now

In the wake of anxiety surrounding the Mayan prediction of mankind’s downfall at the end of this year, I feel that it is necessary to prepare and to encourage others to do so as well. As far as the apocalypse is concerned, I do believe that we will be faced with an event that will change mankind as we know it.

For those who believe that Armageddon is approaching, you are not alone. There has been a great deal of criticism toward the idea and those who believe that the prophecy will be fulfilled are often met with negativity and doubt. Whether or not a catastrophic event will take place in December should not prohibit people from preparing for the worst. I, myself, have been preparing a survival strategy for years now.

In my opinion, everyone should have a few basic survival practices to ensure their lasting presence following an episode of catastrophe. At the very least, each household should contain a small kit of medical supplies, a multitool to make repairs when needed, a 3-5 day stock of perishable foods, a tool for ignition and a weapon for personal protection.

Regardless of how armageddon comes about, there will be a widespread breakdown of law and order and people will no longer be able to depend upon authorities for protection. It does not matter how one feels about firearms, or other weapons for that matter, when society reaches its breaking point, the environment will become strictly survival-oriented.

Let me clarify one thing, also; for all the Christians out there, the apocalypse does not necessarily mean the second coming of Christ. I have many Christian friends and family who argue me on this point, because those in the Christian faith believe that the end of the world will come about when Christ returns to earth. The end of the world does not necessarily mean the end of mankind, it means that life will change as we know it; the breakdown of the modern world. I do believe what Revelations has to say, but I also believe that whatever event is to take place will not be the second coming. It says in Revelations that no one man knows when He is to return, so how would the Mayans?

I’m in a state of rambling at the moment, so let me conclude my thoughts. I truly believe that something is going to happen at the end of the year, and I encourage everyone to prepare for this event.

2 thoughts on “Apocalypse Now”

  1. Personally I have too say I strongly agree with everyone needing a firearm for their personal protection regardless of their own thoughts and feelings towards them, Also I feel that alot of things could happen to change the world as we know it or as some would call it “armageddon” but not nessaseraly the return of Christ it could be the eruption of a volcano seeing as we are far over due for it. I didnt personally believe that something would happen in December but I have started questioning this theory sense all of current events such as the tornado in a hilly area with snow the following day and the gas lines repetitively blowing and we can’t forget about the flock of birds in Arkansas, but regarless I also beleve that something will happen even if not in December it will still b good to be prepared for the worst anytime

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