Small Town Politics

Growing up in a rural area, you begin to notice a lot of contradictions in the political system. Sometimes these contradictions are ironic and funny, at other times they can be irritating. Party politics are so strong yet so backward in rural government and it seems like everything is biased toward conservative values. Don’t get me wrong, I respect everyone’s values but I also retain my right to voice mine.

One of the main ironies I’ve noticed about small town government is that the majority of the population is registered Democrat. This is ironic because the more people I talk to, the more it seems that everyone has conservative values. So why is everyone registered to a party that backed by a liberal agenda? I don’t really get it because I can guarantee you that there were very few people who voted for President Obama in 2008.

Another issue I have with rural government is the strong and biased allegiances that are formed between members of county government. One thing that you can deem certain when an official is elected is the certainty of re-staffing. In many instances, throughout many communities, there has been word of public officials firing members of county government and replacing them with their own constituents. In my opinion, this is not a positive thing. For instance, an official should not be able to take office and terminate a member of the EMT or local fire department simply to make room for someone who has greater loyalty.

Small Town politics can be a dangerous thing. They are comprised of the most ‘unchecked’ officials than any other government office. What I mean by this is that state and federal politics are consistently under a microscope by the press while small towns usually lack a journalism staff that is willing to investigate. This lack of attention may lead to corruption or displacement of county funds, to put it nicely.

This is only touching base with my feelings on the matter. In my opinion, I believe that rural government should be more carefully examined in order to promote a successful and prosperous small town community. More people need to be engaged, and a positive change my result.

You will probably see more posted on this soon.

One thought on “Small Town Politics”

  1. I posted this some time ago. Upon reviewing this piece I feel it necessary to clarify that by ‘rural’ I mean the ‘rural South’ or more specifically, ‘rural Appalachia’ ***

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